Recruitment Management

Hiring Process

Human resources needs are met in accordance with the short and middle term objectives of Arkel.

By considering the education level that position requires, we aim to gain human resource that is open to changes and development that will embrace our values.

While selecting candidates, we take the suitability of the people who have the potential to develop themselves with Arkel’s proficiencies, needs of their positions in terms of their experience and qualifications and sectoral conditions.

Experienced and non-experienced candidates are invited to interviews with Human Resources Department officers and officers from the departments that are in need for employees.

Besides the interviews for positions, tests for general capabilities, technical or vocational proficiencies and language are also used.

Available Positions

Arkel hires employees that are experienced or non-experienced through human resources planning. Please click for our search for candidates and open positions.

Payments and Vested Benefits Management

Payments and Vested Benefits


Arkel is an organization that rewards the successful performance, that defines payment levels in accordance with the extent that the responsibilities are taken and makes payment in accordance with the general market and economic conditions.
Changes in payments are caused by the need for knowledge and experience that is required for the job. Payment increases done by Arkel are done in accordance with the Market Payment Research and Management decision.

Working Hours

Daily and weekly working hours of employees, their break times and durations are defined in a way to not to exceed the legal conditions, that is in accordance with the requirements of the job and local conditions. Current working hours in force are 07.45 – 17.45.


Regulations of the Working Law numbered 4857 are applied for Arkel annual paid leaves. According to this, leaves are 14 days for 1 to 5 years of service, 20 days for 5 to 15 years of service and 26 days for service over 15 years.

​Private Health Insurance

Our private health insurance meets the health expenses of our employees.