Monoblock Elevator Control Unit

New Era In Elevator Control

Number of Stops
Drive Type
Serial or parallel connection options with LOP's and COP's Arcode compatible serial communication units
Car Positioning
Magnetic switches or motor encoder
Door Bridging
4 kW (10A) - 5.5 kW (14A) - 7.5 kW (17A) - 11 kW (26A)
Control Type
Single Button Collective, Double Button Collective
Group Control
Elevator Speed
1.75 m/s
Motor Drive Type
Contactorless drive with STO function
Rollback Prevention
Rollback prevention at start through pre-torque and anti-rollback functions
  • Combines VVVF drive unit, control board, rescue function and other electrical components in a single monoblock unit
  • Contactorless design with STO function
  • Small, lightweight and ready to install
  • Decreased costs due to less traveling cable requirements
  • Direct landing
  • Ability to work with synchronous and asynchronous machines
  • Ability to work open and close loop
  • Reliable and industrialized
  • Energy saving