ARCODE is an integrated elevator control unit which combines VVVF inverter, control board and evacuation system in a single package.

Motor Control
Synchronic (gearless) Machine, Asynchronic (geared) Machine
Drive Type
With or Without Engine Room (MRL)
Elevator Speed (Maximum)
4 m/s
Group Work Feature
Up to 8 elevators
Number of stops
64 Stops
Serial Communication
With Ready Installation CANbus Serial Communication (standard)
Automatic Bring to Floor
1-Faz 220VAC UPS Accumulator Group Connection
Incremental Encoder (5V TTL or 10-30V HTL), Absolute Encoder (EnDat, SSI, SinCos or BISS)

Arcode 4B14A System Usage Advantages

Floor Installment
  • With ready installation CANbus Serial Communication
  • With Parallel Installment (up to 16 stops with optional parallel installment card)
Preventing Backward Slip in Take Off
  • Front-torque Function (with analog load data taken from load cell)
  • Holding function during take-off (without any external load cell)
Hand Terminal Support


  • User-friendly and multi-language, colored TFT screen
  • Possible to control the system from any point on CANbus
Software Update

Updating all units at once and in a fast and reliable way with AREM

  • Cabin position information with incremental or absolute value motor encoders
  • Independent door controls for each stop with 2 door supports
  • Motor recognition / Pit Recognition / Automatic settings with capability of learning control gains
  • Excellent travel comfort thanks to direct landing.
  • Internal EMI filter
  • Internal DC shock
  • Internal relays for transferring between system and emergency feeding
  • Pre-opening of doors and fast take off (with optional door bridging module)
  • Digital pit learning / short floor trips without any additional setting and hardware
  • High stopping accuracy
  • 110 -230VAC safety circuit voltage
  • Energy saving mode
  • Programmable entrances and exits
  • Lift test menu
Model Description
Arcode 2B14A 220V 14A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 2B17A 220V 17A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 2B27A 220V 27A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 4B14A 400V 14A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 4B17A 400V 17A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 4B26A 400V 26A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 4B35A 400V 35A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 4B50A 400V 50A Integrated elevator control unit
Arcode 4B75A 400V 75A Integrated elevator control unit